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Hi All. This is Lotus. How do I change my nic back to Lotus. I haven’t been on here in several years, and to be honest, I don’t remember, ever changing my Nic. Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is doing well. I don’t recognize most of the Nics on here now.
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Hi @Mizz Daizy/Lotus!

If you email the social team at

they will help you.

They are wonderful at responding and helping with problems.

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@Mizz Daizy   (formerly known as Lotus)


Your old nic sounds familiar to me. I have been here well over 20 years. I think the 1st poster gave you info on how to go about getting back your Lotus nic. See ya again,



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@Mizz Daizy , you should be able to do it by going into My Account and then account settings.  Where your nickname shows, hit edit and change it.