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Re: New tactic for TSV purchases....

I totally agree. I also got the Spenco shoes and they were cheap, stiff and unwearable.  I sent them back.  Next time I will wait for reviews.  Thanks for the hint.

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Re: New tactic for TSV purchases....

Ok but , they looked like a cheap, uncomfortable beach shoe to me.  I only had to look at one presentation to see that.  They are what they are.  I never buy anything simply because it's a TSV.  

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Re: New tactic for TSV purchases....

@chiclet----I don't do much shopping anymore from the Q, mostly because of their stupid slow shipping but also because of all the $ it takes to send anything back. My cure ---why in the world would I not try clothing/shoes on, in person, and THEN decide to buy it, and  take it home immediately. Or at the very least be able to try it on and then order it knowing you like it and it fits and there is a better price online---- most times I can find the same thing online for no shipping and free returns and get it in a few days too. Just ordered Clarks flip flops from AMZ Thursday afternoon and got them Friday afternoon. And cheaper too !!!!

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Re: New tactic for TSV purchases....

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Selling out of a TSV simply means the buyer did a poor job and ordered too few. It doesn’t mean the item is better or more popular than the ones that don’t sell out. 

I've seen just the opposite when it seems the buyer buys way too many and that item is around forever.  One of SG's three tiered blouses comes to mind and I believe she had a raincoat that didn't sell well when it was a TSV.  I'm not bashing SG since I like many of her clothes, but there have been a few clunkers along the way. 



I agree with you, the Buyer bought too many OR they didn't sell well....There was one item in particular that had been around forever and there were several threads encouraging and pleading for everyone to buy at least one so QVC could FINALLY get rid of it and stop showing it (in particular as a Lunchtime Special) and put the viewers and the product out of its misery....Woman LOL

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