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Oh, yes.  We should all be better informed.

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Re: New host Courtney K.

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I have to say that her presentation of Kristopher Buckles foundation was not good. It's A289970.  

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I think she needs more training.


Kathy Pedrayes (sp) needs more training and some voice coaching. 

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I really like Courtney K, fun to watch, she let's the venders speak and doesn't interupt. Really good host.

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@Sueliz wrote:

@SurferWife wrote:

There isn't a host named Courtney K. There is Courtney Cason (with a C). She's been a host since 2010.

The OP is correct @SurferWife, Courtney Khondabi is one of the 5 new hosts the Q hired.

Thanks for clarifying @Sueliz. I didn't see her listed on the 'Meet the Hosts' page.

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@desertrat8@SurferWife@De Anna@De Anna@truffle




Very pretty and she has a nice way about her. Have seen her only briefly once.

Courtney Khondabi

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@LTT1Oh, I'm sorry...I was thinking of another host.  Thanks for the picture.

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You are mistaken. Courtney Khondabi(sp.) is my favorite host!

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Are you referring to Kristopher Buckles'sTriplicity Cover stick?  That host in the video mentioned here is the senior host, Jennifer Coffey, not Courtney Kohndabi.