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@Johnnyeager wrote:

But the folks who must say "change the channel" need a useful outlet too.


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@kate2357 @RoughDraft 


I saw those 2 posters on Andrea's fashion thread. Totally nasty and personnel comments about a long time poster. Would you stop a stranger and tell them their outfit or hair did not meet your approval? Just mean. But, people can hide behind a screen. I do not think they were new, just old posters with new names. Glad some of it was deleted.




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@Rockycoast  If u read my post I only looked back to see if I was wrong. I don't make a habit of looking back. I do not respond to anyone old or new about a host complaint because it never stops and gets tiresome. 

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@Rose429, you're not the only one who has noticed what seems to be a negative thread started almost daily by someone who has created a new account. It me it's a source of amusement. The comments aren't limited to just hosts, but also complain about prices, quality, and shipping. 


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I haven't noticed. Very seldom even DVR shows here. Hosts? The only ones I even know are the ones that have been on here for years. Some by name, others by looks if I happen to DVR their show.


As for the New Member nic? Haven't seen it, and if they want to complain/compliment hosts/products/programming or S&H?  If I am interested I read it, if not? I move on.



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I don't know why this bothers some people. Everyone is free to complain. What I don't like is when a new member complains mostly about not getting their merchandise, why do some Posters refer to them as "a troll". Never understood that where as if a regular Poster does it, that's ok.


Don't know if anyone did it today because I only read the OP's Post.


Most websites have a Forum, email-address, phone number and chat. To me the Forum is the place to get answers and most of us here will give them the email address to the Social Team and BAM, problem is usually solved.




But at the same time, Threads like what the OP started, get Posters talking so it's still a good thing.