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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

If they're sold as condos, I would be concerned about previous maintenance. A mall in our area was shut down by the city because structural and plumbing repairs were never done.

The mall became a safety hazard.


But otherwise, I think it's a great use of the vacant space.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

Would the residents have access to the mall after hours?  I could see issues if they did.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

I know each state has building codes but my late husband was a builder and after he died I had to finish up some of the projects.


I can tell you there are so many building codes and if they are strictly enforced they pretty much almost (key word) have to take everything down and start from shells.


That's if the codes are enforced the people shouldn't have anything to worry about.  Heck if I'd want to live like that.  I live in the house we raised 3 daughters and I know I'll eventually have to 'downsize' (hate that word) but I see being in a condo (another word for apartment) is to me and much of my generation like going backwards and a way to START out.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

Definitely an interesting solution.  Anything creative that can

work I am interested in seeing.  Our closest mall is a haven for

hangers-out, not really shoppers.


I buy almost everything online, primarily on Amazon. 

Rarely do I head for the mall.


Our sons buy EVERYTHING on Amazon. 


I wonder about all the commercial real estate.  What will happen?

Even in an area in Berkeley, known for its foot-traffic, retail

is dying.

I do see the shops selling edibles doing well, however:

Small bakeries, ice cream shops, coffee roasters, etc.


I guess it's all about the evolution of society in the tech world.

I don't think there's any turning back.

It amazes me, now, when  occasionally meet people in their early seventies who still do not own a computer (one is proud of the fact). 




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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

@Annabellethecat66, I so agree with you.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

They would probably work for senior citizens.  Then they need to add in activities and entertainment for the seniors, that is having a community room.  I think they are decorated very well.   Cat Happy

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

Just  a couple of weeks ago, I ran across a rumor re: our local mall.  Apts. above the stores.  Well, where space is scarce, I understand that plan.   Reminds me of when most family stores were underneath apartments/flats above.  At the time, it was handy for families.  One spouse would work somewhere else, and the other spouse would 'stay at home', working and minding the store.  A way to 'get ahead'; 'move on up', etc.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

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There’s a 15-min YouTube video highlighting several tenants.

Just search:


oldest us mall blends old/modern with 225-sq-ft micro lofts


I think a lot of people see these lofts/apts as a low income option.

Just the exact opposite.  

In the video...these units appear to be for the very ‘high toned’.  

Look very pricey.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

If apartments can be sold, so much the better. Malls are history. Online shopping is the way now and in the future. I hope that all these soon-to-be-dead malls will find a righteous place in the many communities where they’re found.

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Re: New Life for Dying Malls

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some of our malls that are dying are just turning into outdoor "town centers".......that concept seems to be working well. everything is torn down and rebuilt. apartments can go up AROUND the town center.

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