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Re: New Arty Tattoos

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LOL it's the same thing every time. We can't have a tattoo thread without the old wives tales and outdated thinking being attempted to be perpetuated. The thing is that those of  us with tattoos know the truth. 


You can keep your Bob Mackie and I'll keep my tattoos. 

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Re: New Arty Tattoos

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@Kachina624 wrote:

These are very attractive.  I wonder the colors will remain so clear and bright? 



I think they're garish.  

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Pretty awesome! Never did get me one done. Was supposed to at 20, then at 30 - after that never really thought about it too much anymore.

In Austin TX they seem to be pretty prevalent among both women and men.

Never did get that butterfly done... 🦋!!
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I would love to have a small tatoo of a little bumblebee in color. Either on my neck behind my ear or on my foot. Probably my foot so that I can enjoy looking at it. And I may just do that some day. Smiley Happy