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Re: Neighbors and Police Saving little girl

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@PorcelainI have read two stories this week that made my stomach turn.  I began to post one about a pervert but certain people decided it was a bit too much.  I thought storeis of public interest were ok here.  What I would have wanted to discuss was sex offender registries.  We must always have acess to these registries to see who is living amongst us.  They are supposed to be available to those in any municipality in this country.


Two separate instances (not including this one) about children.  One father whooped a peeping tom real bad and when the police came, he wasn't even charged.  He beat that pervert down.  I love it.  They saw him lurking around told him to leave but somehow, later he got inside.  What did he do that for?  I won't go into details, though I wanted to cheer him [dad]on!



Not all stories of 'public interest' are okay with some posters. If a few report it as 'inappropriate' because they deem it's 'disturbing' to them, poof it goes.


Not too long ago, I posted about the arrival of many dogs saved from 'China' and brought to adopters here in the NE U.S. and even though there were no descriptions  of the fate these dogs faced if not saved or pictures, several posters reported it as disturbing and it was poofed.


The reason I know that it was poofed as 'disturbing' was because I contacted the Mods to ask why it was poofed and that's what I was told.


Still SMDH about that should have been a post of celebration, the saving of innocent animals.

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