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Help! I have been trying to sell my home for 3 years now, with no luck. I got divorced 3 yrs ago, and immediately put the house on the market. We have been thru 5 realtors, with no luck. I am living with my ex husband and 2 kids all this while. I am about to go crazy. Can't move on and buy something until my house is sold. We dont' have a mortage, and when it sells, we will divide it in half, and go our seperate ways. But the market is so slow, there are no buyers. Its a nice house near a big city, but no luck.

Any suggestions?? He can't buy me out, and I can't buy him out (we can't afford it), and my daughter has been taking this very hard, she just wants us to move.

I have heard of agencies that buy homes, but have not tried that yet. We are asking $275,000 for the house, which started out at $400,000 a few yrs ago...all we do is keep lowering the price.

Can't go on like this much longer.