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Need to Replace Two 7 1/2 size S.S. Bangles - Was Mugged in DC ~~

does anybody by chance have some neat bangles, not too fancy (or expensive) in this size. I would certainly like to know about it. Have been looking for a replacement but need to stay under 60-70$ as the entire replacement of briefcase and contents, plus cash came to over $400.00.

I had visitied a gov't office in not such a great neighborhood and had taken a cab to it, but back I so badly wanted to walk to the next metro stop, when my briefcase was snatched. thank goodness I was not hurt as it was on a lonely street, and had not noticed that (Capitol Hill to be exact) where there is also plenty of police driving around.

Before I went to Fla on the 17th I spent all my time renewing official papers, driver's license, insurance cards, etc. and still am not all together as I am still waiting for my new checks. Had hoped that the jerk had taken my wallet (had over $100 in it) and threw out my briefcase, but wasn't that lucky. Of course police does little and I still don't have my Police Report, although he took 1 1/2 hr of my time as they are trying hard to connect that with other similar cases. Something funny, they kept on asking if I had seen his face, which I had not, but he practically lost his pants and underwear, so saw that part of his backside very well!! Glad that he didn't hit me over the head, or pulled a knife on me, which I have learned since, happens there a lot. Have to go back there today again, and am really anxious.... but have to go there in person.

So, had to take my bangles off when going through the check point in the bldg, and had not yet put them back on and miss them a lot. But this little joke cost me nearly $500, to include a new briefcase but feel so naked. My other pieces are mostly in gold, but am missing the bangles as I these days really prefer sterling silver, but it must be larger than 7 1/4....

Thank you for your input and recommendations. Have checked online the various sites, but have not found anything I liked as I cannot at this time spent that much money on myself, as Christmas and other events are around the corner.

Have a wonderful day, ladies and remember, it is not worth going to not so safe neighborhoods....