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Here is my problem! My oldest stepson called last week and said his in-laws are coming to visit and his MIL wants to make Christmas dinner. Because of all the other children trying to visit parents and in-laws, we cannot go to his house (they live almost 2 hours away). I will be doing Christmas Eve dinner and a buffet on Christmas Day.

My husband came home from work yesterday and said he talked with his son and everyone will be coming to our house on the 26th. (There will be 10 of them). I said "Huh"? During dinner I asked if he felt that was fair to me and said I wouldn't take 10 people to someone else's home - I would invite us there. He said he would have to think about that.

Honestly, I don't want to prepare another large meal. The flip side is, I feel very guilty. What would you do?