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Need some advice about a landlord

Hi everybody.

I don't post often but I need some advice from all you wonderful people.

My husband and I rented a place. After we were in, we started to find out about a bunch of half truths of what he told us to answer our many questions about this rental. Some were in the lease, some were verbal.

The latest development was today when a repairman came to service the stove. He told us it was a propane stove, and the heat and hot water were propane also. We were under the impression that it was natural gas. When we asked the landlord the heat source when we inquired about the rental, all he said was gas. The reason we thought it was natural gas is because there is no tank to tell you it is propane. There are no tanks in this whole development. The service guy said there are 3 big tanks, somewhere around here, I don't know where exactly, and he knows because he is from around here and has serviced this development before. We had no way of knowing that, and think the landlord should of been obligated to tell us this info.

We have already been in touch with our lawyer about all the stuff this guy has pulled. This guy said he will let us out of our lease if we want to go, because I guess he is tired of getting caught in all his BS.

Now we find this out and will have to ask our lawyer about this.

I am pretty sure we will move, but if we do that, we will have to incur all the extra costs of moving again, hookups, etc. Just a huge hassle. I think he should incur some expenses because he failed to mention this.

My question is, shouldn't we have been told what kind of gas was here and not just his answer of gas?

Thanks for all your replies.

Sorry, I forgot to say, if we of known this place was propane gas, we would of never inquired about the rental or even came to see it. We turned down other rentals because it was propane gas.