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Need advice, please-Boss is looking to fire me......

Long story short, I work in a medical office as a medical manager. It's just me and another person. Boss works about 2 hours away in another town and only comes here about twice a month.

Last month a patient logged a complaint that I was "out of line" to her on the phone. She wanted a medical device fixed and all I asked was for her to obtain an RX. I was NEVER rude or out of line to her on the phone, but Boss is accusing me of being rude to her- implying that my job is on the line.

How do I convince him I did nothing wrong when he was not in the office, and the other person that works with me was not here either? This guy is not reasonable and quite younger than me. He and another manager in the company were able to get an employee of 25+ years fired last year and I know he's up to doing that again with me.

Any ideas and info would be appreciated