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Re: Need Ideas Please - Organizing Vitamins, Supplements, etc

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I have the supplements in my walk in closet.  I purchased these kitchen 3 tier shelves for spices in a cabinet and put them there on top of my dresser top area in that closet.  Since it is attached to my bathroom/bedroom this works great for me.  I can easily see everything I own as far as supplements go.  For some reason if I put them in a cabinet I will forget them so just having them set up like a store is better for me! LOL  I sort them in the morning...I use the small tops of a few lids from past supplements and put morning/lunch/dinner each lid is a different color and in order on that same dresser top.  Easy and again I see them so I remember.



I only take 2 medications....synthroid in the a.m.  I always put that out on this pretty soap dish in my master bath with my water right next to it at the sink.  I usually get up to use the bathroom early so I just take it then and go back to sleep for a few hours.


The other is in a small compact (like birth control) for HRT so I just take that with dinner and also keep it in my master bath/closet area.  I too have a reminder on my phone.