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@sherrikay wrote:

Would u keep something that didn't fit?would u keep a returned item sent out as new?I do shop at other online places.never ever had a problem,so why don't tend to yourrself


Rarely have I had a problem with other retailers with sizing or quality issues, so it's something with QVC.


It's the manufacturers QVC uses in China. Poor quality control.  I don't think they inspect everything leaving their factories and aren't careful with sizing.  We may order a size 8 according to QVC's size chart, but receive a size 6 marked size 8.  


Not too long ago, QVC began using a few other countries.  Very happy with items I received made in Vietnam and India. 

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@sherrikay I really hate to see the scolds come out of the woodwork.  It's so disappointing.  I have realized long ago that my shopping needs can be better served elsewhere and have in the past sold some of my stuff to others instead of returning it. 

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I don't purchase clothes or shoes from QVC. And I limit my shopping. Shopping online or from watching shopping channels can be addictive. So easy just to log in and hit add to cart and check out. If I had to return 65% of what I purchased anywhere because of clothing not fitting or smelling of perfume or smoke or whatever people complain about it wouldn't take me long to just stop buying from that source. I do not understand why people keep going back and back to QVC and then complain about all that they have to return especially when it costs money to return items. 

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I rarely buy from Q anymore. Quality has gone way down. Sizing of clothes is inconsistent. There is way too much polyester (aka liquid knit) in clothing - it's like wearing a plastic bag to me. Electronics are usually not the current models. Most of their jewelry inventory is questionable at best, IMO. 

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I return quite a bit, but I always return items in pristine, unused condition. I bet some people (not pointing fingers), use up something completely, then return it. That seems wrong to me....Just sayin...

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Though it smarts to receive a letter like that, they are probably doing you a favor.  With so many returns to QVC, I think you'd be happier shopping elsewhere.

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Re: Nasty letter

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Gee we haven't had one of these posts for a good while.  Yes, @sherrikay. It's time for you to resume shopping at b&m stores.  If you return enough to get "the letter", you don't have the knack for shopping on TV or online.  You'll  save yourself a bunch of return postage.


Shame on you for blasting some poor hard-working CS rep when it was you who bought irresponsibly.  I hope he/she hung up on you.

@Kachina624   I totally disagree (and we don't often). By Q closing an account for returns or threatening to do so, they're not taking into account the Pandemic and change in shopping habits over the last year. I'd bet 90% of my shopping has been online to avoid malls and B&M stores. I think QVC is being insensitive and will lose many more customers (than it already has) when word gets out that making too many returns is an issue for canceling her/your account. They're forcing you to shop on other online sites, not a bad thing, but should not expect you during Covid to go out shopping in the malls.


If Q's merchandise was of better quality, true sizing, not arrive rumpled up in a torn plastic bag, skincare/makeup smell or dated as old, shoes appear worn and the biggest offender arrive weeks after the expected date, maybe less returns would be needed. The excess returns are on them, not the customers.

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@Shanus  Only addressing your saying when word gets out about returning and cutting you off from purchasing. This is nothing new at QVC. I have seen posters saying they got the letter for years. 

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This policy has nothing to do with QVC being 'insensitive' to the pandemic, this has been their policy for the entire 26+ years that I've shopped here.


Every retail entity has to draw a line somewhere with excessive returns to stay in business, many B&M stores do the same thing.


If buyers continually experience the issues you cited in your last paragraph, why would anyone continue to order from that retailer, when there are so many other choices online?


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