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Re: Nasty letter

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I got the LETTER back in the 1990's   Omg, was I offended.  Because at the time i bought everything from the Q!  I was watching 24/7 and felt quite loyal   My bill one time was 3,000.   But I sent back less than I kept.   I have to admit back in the day shipping was less and I think returns were free in the beginning, and then  3.00.  But we paid postage, it was cheaap back then  .  So, returning was common....  it was before computer shopping, so whe you bought it was live only. Somewhere around 2000 things changed. Shoe sizes got whackier and so off size.  One size 9 fit like an 11, and aother was like a size 8.   Never consistant.  .  It was about this time sizing was off the charts in clothing!    Either too big or too small.  There was no standard sizing, each brand was different.   I was tired of disappointment. and quit watching.  I haven't watched in 20 years, truth!   I buy online, but no shoes and am  very careful what I buy.  I rarely buy clothes either.  The sizing is awful.  Like boxy sacks. Tight sacks or large sacks, LOL!  
i did notice back in the beginning, and up until late 1990's  most all clothing and products at the Q were made here in the states  . Then QVC had factories over seas do clothing like everyone...   Thats whe things changed

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Hey lovemygrands,lovely grands, consider myself a pretty nice giving person.dont judge me on this please

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Even brick and mortar stores are cracking down on people who abuse their return policies.


And yes, it IS abusing the policy if one is returning a whopping 65% of what they buy.



Sorry, o/p, you are not the victim here.



This is all on you.



You need to put on your big girl panties, and accept that maybe the Q isn't the place for you.



No sympathy here.




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@Mary Bailey wrote:

my perspective


sometimes it's just better to donate an item than return


I don't want to be banned from ordering. So unless it's a huge item I just donate it.



when it's good. it's good   

when it mediocre I donate 

when it's expensive and awful  it's a refund



@Mary Bailey 


May I add one more to your list:


The costs for s/h & return fees outweigh the cost of the item🤬

($11+ total to try on something or doesn't meet my standards adds up -- not to say if on ez maybe I owe them🙄😡)



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Omg i never buy shoes or boots online so many items r made in china.nothing here in the good old usa.i realize clothing would be higher,but it means a lot to me when we can put our usa workers to work

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My my my,you sure are a sarcastic and where I spend my money is is lucky to be in buisness considering a pandemic is going on

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If I had to return 65% of items I purchased from a single retailer, I'd stop shopping there.  But then that's just me...


Ditto everything @Kachina624  said.


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Perhaps a hiatus from shopping? 

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It's ironic that you order an item, try it on, doesn't fit or you don't like it, and then return it. Yet you complain that you have received items that may have been returned by others! So, it's okay for you to return an item, but you don't want items that others have returned! Sorry, but I don't have a lot of sympathy. Did you ever think that maybe the rest of us don't want your returns? With a 65% return rate. perhaps you need to be more selective in what you purchase.

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@Luvsmyfam wrote:

Would u keep a item that smelled like purfume?nope not me.and by the way new mexico,Mexico, many items have u returned?and yes,i always read reviews on items and look at size chart



Yes, I would. Perfume can be laundered out.


I've bought clothing in B&M stores that had the scent of perfume where someone else tried it on, easy enough to wash.

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