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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

Buy in bulk at Sam's Club toilet tissue, kleenex, ground beef (divide it up and freeze smaller packages).  Watch the weekly ads and stock up on sale items.  I am not so thrifty when it comes to heating my home -  temp. is set on 75, I am old and not about to wear layers of clothing.

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al Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

Meal Plan. I grocery shop on Sundays. I take a look at the sale flyer on line and see what's on sale that week and then come up with 3 or 4 meal ideas. I try to look at the week ahead and see what we have going on- some nights it has to be something quick and others I have more time for cooking. Some nights I just know it's going to be fend for yourself so try to have things on hand that are easy for my teenager and non- cooling husband to make for themselves. 


I also try to NEVER go to the store with out a list- always over spend when I do that. 


I am considering changing my routine to shop twice a week, buying for only a couple meals at a time. I do find that all too often I either have over bought produce or a meal I have planned doesn't get made before the ingredients go bad because our schedules are alway changing. 


Another thing I am very consious of, when shopping either on line or out at retail I always look on line for some sort of discount code or coupon - SO many times you can find a code for free shipping or 20% off or more. Especially at big chains like Michael's, Penney's, Macy's, etc. Just Google the name of the store and coupon, ,ie" Michaels Coupon" and see what comes up. Also I use MrRebates and Ebates when I shop on line- have literally gotten over $1,000 back in rebates over the years. 


One last thing- if you are booking airline flights- try to travel on Tues/Wed or Sat- often times the fares are less as those are typically slower travel days. Or if  you are traveling during a school vacation consider leaving the Thrusday before the break- I have saved $100's of dollars by doing this. I know my daughter will miss a couple of days fo school but typically before a break things are quite at school and she will bring the work with her or make it up before she goes. Also with this system we usually come home the following Thursday- then have only had to stay in a hotel over one weekend- which are typically the highest rates.

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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

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I stopped salon manicures

buying a daily to go coffee even though it was from the local convenience store

increased the deductibles on the house and car insurances

buying paper napkins

buying tissues I use tp instead to blow my nose

if we order take out Chinese food, we get the lunch special late in the afternoon and bring it home to have for dinner

subscribed to Food Network Magazine instead of buying it at the supermarket - it was like half the price

gave up on going to the fabric store just because - my stash could last me the rest of my life


Just the manicures and daily coffee saved on average $30 a week.





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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

I do go out to eat every Saturday night. this is my time away from kitchen duty


ways to cut expenses.  i know this is hard now adays but cable, fios bill can be huge.  


my husband does grocery shop. he takes the list, and gets exactly what is on list, he does not check anything out except for what is on the list. in out is his motto



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Re: al Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

I called all of these people and had my bills reduced to save me hundreds of dollars a year:

- TV satellite & internet service

- Insurance home/auto


Never eat out

Buy in bulk

Buy reusables, not disposables

Buy generic

Shop with rewards cc

Shop on-line for discounts/sales

Use rebate programs/coupons

Buy during off-seasons 

Drop thermostat temperature during winter

Use humidifier in winter, humid air holds heat longer

Run clothes/dish washers in batches

Drive car in batch runs

Bill pay on-line, no postage

Reduce watching home shopping channels


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Re: al Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

@SilleeMee - I pay the bills on line too through the bank, you don't realize how much you spent in postage or buying checks until you stop.

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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

Live within our means. Sure, go for the occasional splurge, but make that the exception instead of the rule.


Do most of our grocery shopping at BJ’s, using both BJ’s coupons and manufacturers’ coupons.  


Make a weekly dinner menu, which forms the basis for my shopping list.


Bake my own desserts instead of buying them at a bakery. Buy bakery specialty breads and rolls (mine never turn out as well as theirs).


Eat most meals at home, but usually go to restaurants for lunch instead of dinner. Portion sizes are smaller, as are prices. If we go out for dinner, bring leftovers home and have for lunch another time.


TRY VERY HARD to resist impulse purchases.


Limit airline and train travel to midweek days for lower ticket prices. 


Vacation at the Outer Banks in May and October for much lower rental rates, smaller crowds, etc. The weather’s still pretty good (hurricanes not withstanding) and the traffic’s much lighter.



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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

I'm the worst person to advise anyone else...

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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.

So funny, I'm not one to give advice either!   Though I have curbed my spending on the Q and proud of it!!!

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Re: Name some ways you cut expenses.



I see this coupon in the Publix paper ad & wondered about it.  As for us, i rarely spend $50 in groceries (in one visit) to qualify. Although, a few things in Publix can add up fast!  I thought because I didn't read the fine print the gas card could be included in the amount spent - it's a separate $50 purchase in groceries.


So, I may try it next time I see it.  I used to take advantage of the VISA gc offers ($10 off $50) with $50 Publix purchase because they are usually during holiday season.  Then I realized wasn't such a great deal because there is a activation fee!