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Re: NYC vs Florida....heat and humidity?

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In a word, YES.  Bear in mind the city traps the heat and it's exceptionally crowded too during the summer months with tourists especially in certain areas.  My nephew and I actually braved it in July last year but when he isn't with me, I only go home during Spring and Fall.  


At least in Florida you get the occasional sun shower or thunder storm to break it up a bit.  


I've lived in and/or near NYC all my life, and I really disagree with this.  Early June in NYC is not at all like early June in Florida.


And we get sun showers and thunderstorms here too!


@NYC Susan - from The area too all of my life...most Junes are quite pleasant with low humidity. 


Exactly!  Early June (the time of year the OP was talking about) is not really "summer" here, and heat & humidity are not extreme at all then.