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@twinsister wrote:

I  was in school - the 5th grade.  Another teacher came into our classroom, whispered to my teacher and they both started to cry.  An announcement came over the loudspeaker and we were sent home.  I remember my family being glued to the TV the whole weekend, seeing Jack Ruby shoot Oswald and the funeral.


In 1960, when JFK was campaigning in NYC, he spoke at a an outdoor rally near my home.   My father took me with him and we managed to stand up front.  JFK looked down at me and smiled.  I will never forget it.


Wow!!!  What a great memory!


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Re: NOVEMBER 22, 1963

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

Today marks the 58th year since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A sad day for our country.  I'm 73 and remember it well.


@Love my grandkids 

........and noone  mentioned it on the news  today Smiley Sad  at leasdt not on any news station I was watching!


I was just pulling into my driveway,  I remember it well. Smiley Sad


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In 1960 during the presidential campaign in West Virginia I was in 9th grade.  I asked my Social Science teacher if our class could be excused to go see JFK give a speech on the court house steps.  She sent me to ask the principal and we were allowed to go.


My best friend and I were in front of the large crowd that gathered.  After he completed his speech he came down into the crowd, and I was on one side of JFK and my friend was on the other side.  I gave him my pencil to sign autographs for us and I still has his autograph to this day.


He was so handsome - tan, freckles, and charming to all, regardless of age. During the Cuban Missle Crises I remember watching him on TV and thinking there would be no future for any of us.  I was at my first job when I heard the news of his death (had just turned 18) and wrote a poem while still at work expressing my sorrow.  All Americans were bonded in total grief and two months later I joined the service. 






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I was in 9th grade French class whe the announcement came over the PA that he had been shot. My teacher said to pray, we were all stunned. Later when the announcement that he had died came I just couldn't believe something like that could happen here. When I walked home the whole town seemed to be silent. It was truly horrible.

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I was 12 and sitting in class when one of our teachers came into the room and announced the assassination.  I still remember the shock of hearing it.  We were sent home since there was a lot of fear as to what might happen.  Remember seeing the entire event play out on live tv including the shooting of Oswald.  A very scary time for America.  It is so disturbing to now hear about all the incompetence around the investigation and all the strange things that were or weren't done.  No wonder there is still so much controversy.  

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@MalteseMomma True. NONE have mentioned it that I've heard. Shameful.

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@MalteseMomma - I have not heard any mention of it on the news so far today.  How sad and disrespectful to ignore  this terrible event in our country's history.

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@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

I was in the tenth grade and remember the announcement over the schools loud speaker.

@proudlyfromNJ   I was also in the 10th grade.  When the announcement came over the loud speaker...everyone was in total shock.  We were dismissed early.  A day I will never forget.  I still have the newspaper that came out the next day with many black and white  pictures of that terrible day.   

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I was in the 8th grade and remember it being announced over the pa system and many of us in the class started crying. The news here today made reference to the importance of this date.

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@Love my grandkids It was a Friday and kind of cloudy here in eastern PA. We first knew something was wrong when we saw people walk by the windows of our classroom crying. Then our teacher told us what happened. I went home and remember just walking back and forth on the lawn and on a ladder that was lying down outside of the garage. We didn't have a TV, so our Dad drove us over to our grandparents house to watch TV. I remember the newscasters faces and tone of voice. My parents told us to pray for the nation.