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I treasure my mother, but, many people didn't have that relationship. Some of the people here ,I admire the most went through hell, because of their mother


So, lets not just assume everyone had a great mom



For those that  didn't have a good mother,. I think you mothered yourself , the best that you could, and consider yourself hugged by me. You are  a good person

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For many, yes, there are truer words.

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Sooo true!

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I left home when I was 17 (yes I did graduate from high school).

My mother and I never bonded in any way shape of form. 

I wish my mother liked me better than what she did. 

I was never able to give my mom what she wanted (glory,,graduating from a prestige college,marrying a very rich man —am still married to my husband for 48 yrs now —blue collar worker) and other accolades she so desperately wanted. She got all these accolades from my 3 sisters so I wasn’t exactly on her good list


I see all the people who loved their mom and was close to them and in a way I am jealous of them, I wish I could have a closeness I always wanted

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I just don't understand why most people think "everyone" had a family life like a Rockwell painting, it's just not realistic!!!

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I find it unkind and thoughtless to publicly brag about one's mother, husband, serves no purpose and the only ones who care are the mothers, husbands and children getting accolades and those who are hurt by it feeling left out and deprived.

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@occasionalrainI hear you. That being said, people like to brag about many things, that's human nature, especially with women. We like to give credit and praise where it's due. My Mom and I were not close as in girlfriend close, but she did the best she could do as a Mother, which wasn't too great. I loved her anyway, but no matter what I did I could not make her happy and did not realize until I was in my 50's that that was not my place. Those of us who had crappy parents will always long for what we missed no matter how old we are. What I did learn from her was to choose who you love wisely, I did and married a great guy.

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@bootsanne you replied my thoughts as I sit here with tears in my eyes. @Spurt such a sweet,true photo. 😢

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When I hear the song "The Dance" by Garth Brooks I always relate it to my parents. They have been gone 27 years now and it is still an ache in my heart. 

"I could have missed the pain , but I would have had to miss the dance."

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My mom and I didn't start out as best friends, she insisted she was my mother, not my friend. And I'm glad she did.


Girls and teens don't need a best friend nearly as much as they need a mom who will keep them on track. 


As we've aged, we are more like friends, but still there is a mother/daughter dynamic that is much more needed by both of us, than the friendship.


Either way, she is the strongest, most stable and dependable person in my life. Always has been. Always will be.