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@gizmogal wrote:

@tends2dogs, read responses to this thread that is currently in the Kitchen forum:

Thanks for posting this link!  I never saw it last week.  That OP was asking the same question - I wonder what she ended up buying. 

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I tried to talk my daughter out of buying a Samsung washer and dryer, but I was too late.

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I've been fortunate.  I had a Kenmore for a little over 12 years and had my current Samsung for almost five.  I absolutely love the freezer on the bottom and my Samsung has french doors.  The freezer on bottom with French doors is the best decision I've ever made in the kitchen.  Not only looks nice but so very convenient.  Good luck.

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Because of Irma, I , too, purchased a new Refrigerator. Mine was approx 25 years old I've guessed.



Things to consider when choosing a model:

  • The size of space where you'll  be placing it. I know that seems a little obvious but these machines can vary and if the model, especially with French doors, must be able to open both doors wide for some of the singular, full-width drawers to be able to open ( if you choose one that has those "deli drawers" or you want to store platters)
  • Also consider where your fridge is. Is there a wall on one side? You will need 1 to 2 inches on either side.
  • Do you want ice/ water in the door
  • Do you want an ice maker
  • If you don't want ice maker, and it's not an option to not have it on the model, can it be turned off? (My model I chose luckily does have 'off' button)
  • Also if you are NOT going to hook up to a water source do NOT let the store charge you for the upgrade hoses like they like to do. ( that really threw my salesperson off at HD) lol
  • Measure your doorway that it will be delivered through before you choose a model,super important, it has to fit ( I live in a 50 yr old house,  things were smaller ten). 
  • They will call you before delivery to make you have done all your proper measurements and due diligence. Once they can't return it.
  • What kind of finish do you want
  • What kind of freezer, top, bottom, side by side
  • Extras
  • Read reviews 
  • Costs can range from 800 to 4000
  • If you can, wait until a holiday sale, you can save 40% or the like. 
  • All these things can narrow down the vast choices and help picking more concise


I went with Samsung as it fit my personal tick list from the store I wanted it from. Luckily they had extended labor day sale to 9/13, a few days past Irma. My fridge worked but I was 5 days without electricity and had ice in freezer and fridge but 3rd day I emptied, cleaned very well with vinegar but  smell then would not go away.


I'm very happy with my choice but I researched and read reviews, measured 3 times.


Good luck!

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@tends2dogs we have a 10 year old Kenmore freezer on the bottom. Love it. We had a repair done last year by an independent repairman (not Sears). He said if we get a new fridge don't buy Samsung,they're junk and he sees them all. He fixed our Kenmore and I still love it.

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I have 7 Samsung appliances.My microwave is about 18 years old .I have a large Samsung t.v. also washer,dryer,stove, refrigerator,and dishwasher.NONE of theseI appliances have ever needed a repair.I would only buy Samsung if I ever needed another appliance!

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I've been replacing some of my major appliances with Amana. Many of them are made in the USA. I still own an original working Amana Radar Range microwave oven and I think it must be well over 35 years old. That was the reason why I started looking at Amana again...longevity.


ETA:  Generally speaking, I've noticed Amana makes many no-frills appliances. Just good, basic working machines without all the electronic stuff.

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When considering a refrigerator, especially a French door model, carefully think about the items you store in the refrigerator compartment and the size and shape of those items.


Many are designed in a way that taller items, like 2 liter soda bottles, will only fit in the doors. Same with gallon milk jugs.  As a note I would never store my milk in the door compartment, it is warmer than the back of a shelf.


I really like my Whirlpool French door refrigerator but for me it has one major short-coming. The shelf adjustments are fixed (built-in molded supports) so there are times when placing items is difficult and necessitates manipulation. There are models that have the metal strips that allow much more flexible shelf positioning.

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I've always had side by sides and the last one was a Samsung.  It ran fine and I had it for almost 9 years but I was changing my kitchen and wanted SS.  This time I got a french door LG and  I absolutely love this fridge.   I'll never go back to a side by side.

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@SilleeMee, as a FYI the Amana brand used to be owned by Maytag but is now owned by Whirlpool (as part of its purchase of Maytag).


Other brands owned by Whirlpool may be a surprise.

The more I learn the more I realize how little I know.
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