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jail with no chance of parole-now her designer clothes are all probably orange-what a nasty, pathetic woman..................

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I first saw the story as a Snapped episode. The actors in last night's movie were much more attractive than real life! It amazed me that they initially ruled the mother's death as an accident. Since his death was planned, I was surprised they didn't try an alternate method to try to throw off suspicion.
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I didn't watch the documentary. Did they explain how there was a long lost brother who was recently found?
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Pure Evil is an understatement! She should of gotten the death penalty IMHO!

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On 2/1/2015 croemer said:
On 2/1/2015 Marmalade said:

""Beautiful and Twisted"" is the title. It plays again tonight at 9PM EST.

It replays several times tonight.

I'd like to watch it. I love crime stuff