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Thank you all for the replies and congrats. You are all so kind.


PS Panda- My son and I danced to My Wish by Rascal Flatts. I picked it because I thought the words fit to wishing them the best. (I went through, I don't know, I  bet 50 songs over a year and kept going back to that You Tube has lots of suggestions. I think when you hear the song that fits for you and your son, you will know. I hope that helps. Let us know in the Fall how it all goes. Good luck.

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Just a few days ago suddenly I was thinking about you and wondering how your son's wedding was.  I am delighted that all went well and you sound sooooo happy.  May the new bride and groom spend many years of health, happiness and prosperity along with sweet babies to add to the family.  Heart

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