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Notice the scars Smiley Sad on Fred's head...



My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness ~ Dalai Lama XIV

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Just beautiful, @MamaWick. I had two in my backyard eating acorns earlier. I love watching them, I pray to God mine do not get shot during deer season. 

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@MamaWick  Today's pictures gave me a tickle.  The sleeping deer in the first picture reminds me of my DH who can sleep through everything.  

The other deer remind me of the mothers in the park sitting around as their kids played. 

Oh dear Fred, the doctor must have used forceps in his delivery!  Just kidding. Though I wonder what really happened. 

Thank you for sharing your herd with us.  Thank you too for your kind words about my Cricket wishes and comments.  Much appreciated.   Although I love all dogs, chihuahuas have a special place in my heart and soul.  

Woofs and hugs to Cricket. Maybe an extra treat from me as well. 

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Re: My relaxing visitors

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Thank you for all you do.  Sharing these pictures of these beautiful innocent deer, feeling so safe with you, really warms one’s heart during trying times.