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My "Chattycat" (former poster) post disappeared!

A few years back I posted a thread asking if anyone remembered a former poster named Chattycat.  At some point she changed her name to something else, and I couldn't remember what it was.  I always enjoyed interacting with her here on the boards, and some years ago she disappeared and never posted again.  


Last night I found my post from a few years back, and I commented on it to bump it up, as I'm still wondering if anyone remembers her or has any idea what happened to her.  


I noticed my post got deleted.  Is it because I brought up a very old post?  


Anyhow, does anyone remember Chattycat?  I know she lived in FL back when she used to post.

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Re: My "Chattycat" (former poster) post disappeared!

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It's possible your old post was not deleted, just returned to it's place.  Did you look where it was, it may be there again.


Just type Chattycat into the Community search bar just below your avatar.


See 'No Bumping' in the Community Standards, to the left, below quick links.

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Re: My "Chattycat" (former poster) post disappeared!

Yes, it's possible your post was deleted.  Many people don't like to see old posts resurrected and would prefer you started a new one.

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Re: My "Chattycat" (former poster) post disappeared!

I thinking bumping up old threads is against the guidelines.