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@KatCat1 Well, maybe the food was contaminated, and she'll get sick. Serves her right.

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Door Dash is responsible for non delivery.   I would have contacted Panera and let them know delivery was not received.  I have a feeling they would have made good on non deliivery.

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This is a first and the person who stole my food should be a shame of herself.  i ordered from Panera but they had Doordash deliver the food.  So the delivery guy gets to my apt. building and he calls me.  I tell him to ring my bell and I will buzz him in (then he is talking to some woman who said she will take my food to me).  The idiot delivery man gives my food to the woman and she steals the food order.  How low can someone be?  I am calling management tomorrow to let them know the new scam going on.  I don't understand how people can live with themselves for being so lowdown.

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Anyone work in an office? Food/lunches often go missing from the communal fridge.


This is on Doordash.  They need to make this right.

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Wow .....  is this a neighbor of yours?  Any cameras on your building that might have caught her photo?   This is awful.        


@Tinkrbl44   Off topic but your Emoji is so fitting for the times.  🙂

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Re: My food was stolen

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@SandySparkles wrote:

@KatCat1  WOW! That's reprehensible, and I'm really sorry that happened to you! I have a feeling that once you report it to Panera, and DoorDash, he will be out of a job delivering for them. I doubt that such recklessness will be tolerated, especially now. 


It's a good thing that you get a credit when things like this happen, and hopefully another "proper" delivery if you so choose.


When things like this happen, I often wonder how awful that person's life must be to make them resort to such things. She might have been starving, homeless or both-who knows. It certainly does not condone her behavior, but might make it a little easier to understand.



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Or, she might have simply seen an opportunity... Not everyone who does rotten things has an 'excuse'...


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Totally deplorable situation.  Besides the theft, I hope Doordash person realized that today there should be fewer hands on deliveries.  Yikes


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There are many ratings of food delivery services in which customers complain of the delivery person stealing the food. There are also multiple news articles about this problem. Just google this and you will see how pervasive this problem is. 

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I'm not surprised.  People stink today, and they stunk even before this virus came along. 

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My son doesn't want me to go grocery shopping without him. He said people are crazy. He is worried about my safety. Sad to think they would harm seniors. 

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@elated wrote:

My son doesn't want me to go grocery shopping without him. He said people are crazy. He is worried about my safety. Sad to think they would harm seniors. 


Yeah, I have struggled to consider myself a senior since I turned 60 five years ago (it's like you are young and then BAM you're old!), but this kind of stuff really makes you think.


I have always been cautious of my surroundings so it came naturally but now I feel even more fervent about it.   When I leave a store I make sure I know if there is anybody behind me, to the side, or in the direction I walk toward my car.  I check it several times along the way.


Some of the people here who have to constantly insult people can call me paranoid.  I don't care.   I am pretty much defenseless at this point so I feel it's my duty to pay attention to my surroundings, even more than ever.  Smiley Happy