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My food was stolen

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This is a first and the person who stole my food should be a shame of herself.  i ordered from Panera but they had Doordash deliver the food.  So the delivery guy gets to my apt. building and he calls me.  I tell him to ring my bell and I will buzz him in (then he is talking to some woman who said she will take my food to me).  The idiot delivery man gives my food to the woman and she steals the food order.  How low can someone be?  I am calling management tomorrow to let them know the new scam going on.  I don't understand how people can live with themselves for being so lowdown.

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Oh my gosh, that's horrible.  Times of crisis sure can bring out the worst in people.


Are there any security cameras on the property that might have captured this woman?  


If you order anything again, please be sure to give strict instructions to NOT allow anyone else to intercept your delivery.

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@KatCat1  Omg! I'm so sorry! What the heck is wrong with people? I really hope the Doordash driver learned his lesson and in the future will only give food to the person(s) who ordered it!

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@BrandiDavis  Yes, it is hard to believe that someone could steal someone else's food.  Shameful.  We are living in times that call for supporting each other, especially now.

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@KatCat1  WOW! That's reprehensible, and I'm really sorry that happened to you! I have a feeling that once you report it to Panera, and DoorDash, he will be out of a job delivering for them. I doubt that such recklessness will be tolerated, especially now. 


It's a good thing that you get a credit when things like this happen, and hopefully another "proper" delivery if you so choose.


When things like this happen, I often wonder how awful that person's life must be to make them resort to such things. She might have been starving, homeless or both-who knows. It certainly does not condone her behavior, but might make it a little easier to understand.



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Re: My food was stolen

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As @BrandiDavis  said, what the heck is wrong with people! I can't believe what some will do, especially when times are bad. I just heard yesterday on our local news that young people. in a nearby county in Ohio, were harassing senior citizens as they were grocery shopping during their designated time slot. These pieces of you know what were pushing them, grabbing things out of their carts, and trying to steal their purses outside the store. The sheriff is now keeping tabs at the store. I really can't get over what people are capable of. My wish is that, if any of these young jerks reach old age, they will get treated the same way they treated these seniors now. Here's hoping karma is a real thing.

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Wow .....  is this a neighbor of yours?  Any cameras on your building that might have caught her photo?   This is awful.        

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@KatCat1  I had to read this twice for it to sink in. There is just no excuse for doing something so low. I'm really sorry that happened to you. 

I truly hope there is a camera that picked up who the culprit is. At least then you would know if it was a neighbor you recognized---although I'm not sure what I would do personally with that info. Cat Mad

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WOW!  Hopefully there are cams to catch the food thief.


I live in a 2 building highrise.  Each building has its own lit up name & address sign (HUGE) at the entrence which "delivery" either cannot read and/or not paying attention.  Sometimes, I get buzzed for food deliveries meant for someone in the other building.

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Did DoorDash replace the food? They should. This their fault for not training properly.