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Re: My dentist is open for business on May 19th

What seems to be missing from these conversations is the aerosol spray. The drill the ultrasonic scaler.  Those things spray out feet into the air and through the office.  It's also the staff that is in more danger than the patient. Dental offices in Ct. are opened for emergencies only.  No guidelines from the CDC have been posted yet for the opening of dental offices anywhere. The head of the CDC was asked about this yesterday by Senator Collins.  His answer was we don't know yet. I just retired from 40 years as a dental hygienist because my mother was ill. After she passed I was thinking of going back. Not anymore. I also know dentists and friends in the field who are thinking of calling it quits. Be careful. 

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Re: My dentist is open for business on May 19th

I will not be comfortable with dental cleanings for awhile yet.  


Along with the virus situation, I picked up an infection at my last cleaning, which created a tense situation since I’ve had both knees replaced.  


Yes, I took my big dose of antibiotic before my appointment, but am not convinced this mega dose is protecting me from bacteria, since I’ve had infections after my last 2 cleanings.  I’ve been with the same dentist and hygeniest for nearly 30 years; my teeth and gums are extremely sensitive and I need more protective measures after a cleaning.   

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Re: My dentist is open for business on May 19th

My 6 month checkup/cleaning was scheduled for May 12.  My dentist's office always reminds you 3 ways: by mail, an email, and a phone 2 days before.  This time I never received the mail noticification or the email.  So, I figured they were still closed, and I never gave my appointment another thought.  Then early on May 11, I get a phone call from the receptionist saying I'm calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow.  I didn't say anything for a few seconds, then I said you're open?  I didn't get a card or an email from your office.  She said we've been open since last Wednesday.  I said to her I haven't been out of the house for 7 weeks, and I'll have to call you back to reschedule.  I said to myself this is ridiculous, and I have to think about it.  I don't know when I'm going to feel like going.  

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Re: My dentist is open for business on May 19th

I had my cleaning in March. My husband was supposed to have it last week but they called and cancelled and stated they would call when they would be able to see patients per the state. Well they called the other day and his appt is today. He left to the appt a bit earlier. 

My brother went to the same dentist last month but it was an emergency visit.

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Re: My dentist is open for business on May 19th

Dentists offices in British Columbia, Canada haven't re-opened yet. They haven't gotten official guidelines to re-open but likely the receptionist's desk area will have those clear acrylic sneeze guards around them. Also the chairs, children's play area, magazines will be removed from the reception area. My dentist has an open concept office with partial divided walls separating each cubicle. I don't know how that is going to be fixed going forward.


Also dentists can't reopen yet because there's no PPE for them including face masks, face shields, and disposable gowns.

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Re: My dentist is open for business on May 19th

My last endodontist appointment was at the end of February, and I left that office with a temporary filling, came home and walked in the door, took my jacket off, and called my general dentist to make the appointment to "finish" the work with a permanent filling. 

My state closed all non-emergency services around March 12, so the appointment was cancelled.


I am someone who is willing to wait my turn, as long as I know that there's no danger to my temporary work until my time comes. The tooth feels great, but I actually DON'T know if the work will be secure indefinitely. 

My cautious internist wants me to hold off "as long as" I can. I just wish I knew how long that was.