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@KingstonsMom So sorry you and your daughter went through that. I'm glad you're physically ok.

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So thankful you and your daughter are safe.  I can't imagine how frightening that was. Hope your daughter is ok.  I said a a prayer for her when I read this. I think this increase in crime is so very concerning to say the least.

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Terrible experience for you and your daughter. I would still be shaking too much to type and post here. Your poor daughter. She could have seen you shot and killed right before her eyes. How old is she? I'm glad your recuperating dog, Kingston, was not with you.

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WOW!!!  How awful to witness all of that!  I can only imagine how terrifying it was.  Thank goodness you and your daughter are o.k. though!


It certainly is a crazy world, more so than ever before.  All of the madness needs to just stop.  Be safe everyone!!!



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@Kachina624 wrote:

@NicksmomESQ   Heaven!  What an experience you had.  I nominate you for the most exciting story of the year award here on the boards.  I hope the bullets weren't flying in your direction.



I'm not sure why you addressed this to @NicksmomESQ , since I think it was a response to me about my OP.


I'm really disappointed that you would make such a response that sounds so condescending and ridiculing.


I thought we had a good rapport here..........


And no, I don't want you to nominate me "for the most exciting story of the year award here on the boards".....what a slap in the face that is.


And no, bullets weren't flying in my direction, they were flying in the opposite direction. I'm not an idiot,


But thanks so much for your concern.



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@KingstonsMom, I'm so sorry that you two ended up in the middle of such scene but glad that you both were not harmed...physically at least.

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Good that you and your daughter are physically ok.   How terrifying to see such violence.  Thank you for reinforcing our need for caution anywhere we go.  Always a good reminder to stay safe and remain alert to our surroundings.

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I can't even imagine how you felt. Glad you and DD are ok.

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@MW in Iowa wrote:

@KingstonsMom wrote:

Took DD to a therapy appt. and on the way home we decided to stop at Krystal (like White Castle).


After waiting in the drive through for 10-15 minutes, I decided to go inside to order and left the drive through lane to park to go inside.


As soon as I stepped out of my car to walk inside, I saw at least 20 police cars roar up with lights and sirens, while another police car crashed into a concrete barrier in front of a park across the street, that was said to have been stolen by the perp.


Then, I watched as I saw gunshots from several officers as my DD started screaming,  "MOM GET DOWN"!


The person got out of the car with 'something' in his hand and the bullets started flying.


The person was dead.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE friends, be careful anywhere you go, we're living in a crazy world.


The police car erupted in flames and the fire dept. came.



Where do you live , not specific , but general.

@MW in Iowa 


I live in Savannah, GA Population 150,000.

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@KingstonsMom OMG! Glad to hear you're okay. And your DD.