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I turned off the TV Sunday morning to watch a webcast on the computer.


When I went to turn it back on later in the day - sound but no picture!  Not too bad because I"m usually doing something and not watching anyway.  


I ordered another TV from Amazon and it will be here on Friday.


BUT - this isn't bad at all!  Between Music Choice on the TV and my Amazon Music - I'm having a really great time listening to all my favorite music.


Made up a play list on Amazon music - I'm knitting - singing along ... feeling really happy!   Actually sitting here smiling!


A few of the things I actually "watched" are live feeds on the computer or phone or android.  No problem with computer webcasts / webinars.

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About 15 years ago when I still had t.v. on for background noise only during the day when I was home, my living room t.v. did that.  Since I only actually watched t.v. at night in my bedroom I just listened while I worked/puttered around.  After about two years the sound left too.  So there it sat for a few more years not working and just needing to be dusted.   Till my son said enough is enough Mom and threw it in the dumpster and gifted me with one of those flat screen t.v.'s for the wall.  Now I barely turn on the t.v. in my bedroom and have no problem falling asleep at night on the couch.  I love getting older!!

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My new TV arrived this morning.  


Had an issue getting the TV to recognize the cable connection .... one of those talking TV setup deals.


A female voice kept saying "check your cable connection" meanwhile, when I turned off the cable box, it turned off the TV!


I first called my cable co (RCN) and they recorder said there was a 37 minute wait for assistance and suggested I use FB messaging.


Got online - messaged RCN with my issue - she asked a couple of questions - and came back with a FIX - took about 30 seconds and I'm up and running!


I'm always happy .... but even happier now that I have TV again!