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Re: My Medicare card came today

@Whosits wrote:

Me too. I turned 65 in May. Medicare is really such crappy insurance. I knew that going in but I'm really facing it now. I had health care coverage through the Coverage Act for two years after being laid off 2 years ago. I just don't know how I am going to be able to afford health care now. 

I have not found this to be true at all.  Neither my DH nor I have ever had the cost of anything denied.  I previously had a super-high deductible and now I don't have to worry about that.  We have found medicare to be great for us.  


You might qualify for Medicaid in your state if your income is low.  Prescription drug coverage needs to be evaluated carefully.  Get someone to help you.

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Re: My Medicare card came today

@CelticCrafter wrote:

@gidgetgh you may want to check Plan N.  It saved each of us $800 a year  over Plan G.

@CelticCrafter - thanks. I'll take another look, but I had read that Plan N didn't cover excess charges and didn't cover copayments and that concerned me. 

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Re: My Medicare card came today

I turned 65 in February. I'm still working, so not collecting SS yet. DH & I have our own business, and it was paying around $900 a month for my health insurance. Now it's around $400 a quarter for Medicare...what a difference! 


When the time came, I just called the agency we'd been using for our business (they represent a number of insurance companies). The agent came to the office, and it was very quick work to chose supplements.


I haven't really had to use it much but so far, so good!

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Re: My Medicare card came today

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I turn 65 in October and since I'm already drawing Social Security they automatically signed me up for Medicare A and B. 

After 7/1, I'll be within the 90 days and I'll be able to choose and sign up for my supplement and drug plans. 

My insurance is through my husbands former employer and they use an outside company to handle the supplemental and drug plan signup for us. I've already gotten the info from them on how to contact them so hopefully it will go smoothly. 


I am just pleased that the initial part ran smoothly with no involvement from me. 

And I can't believe I'm going to be 65 soon. Where did the time go?

Hello!  I will be 65 in Oct. too!  and I got my Medicare card as well.  Not sure which way we're going yet (hubby is 65 in Aug).  I retired in January and am on Cobra for now.  It is SO wonderful not to go to work ever again!



I would suggest traditional Medicare A&B, a Part C plan, and a part D(drug plan).

You may want to consider a United Healthcare supplemental plan. 

You can use an local insurance agent to help you find a plan. 

Medicare. Gov has a 2020 Guide online. 

The site has  tools on the front page to help you find  Part C and D plans. 


I Do not recommend a HMO or Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans can have high out of pocket costs. 



@Nuttmeg, this may be true for people shopping for plans, but it is not necessarily true for those who had Kaiser through their employer and then move into Medicare.


At least is was not true for us. My husband had Kaiser through city employment. The switch to Medicare was seamless and very well priced. We have no deductibles, a $15 copayment, with many services at no charge. We also have their advantage plan as well. So coverage is complete, including very low prescription costs.


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