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8 a.m. here turn on news here are our warnings for today in my area:


Haze outside not  fog smoke from fires - warning bad air day do not  go out unless necessary.  Air quality unhealthy.


Temps 100+ today high heat warning plus gusty winds


Due to above warning red flag day for more fires from high heat/winds


Due to all above warning from electricity co, there maybe rolling blackouts turn off fans, a /c washers, etc, from 11 a,m. To 8 p.m. today


News then continued to pandemic figures!  What did we used to say TGIF.

Turned off news, made a cuppa tea, charge up kindle, phone, check candles, torches, evacuation bags/animal carriers ready and the day has started.  Be safe everyone.



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@dulwich   I can imagine how bad the smoke must be in California because we have it daily all the way here in Albuquerque.  Some days you can scarcely see the mountains which are right on the edge of town.

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We were so lucky to get the rain up north.  We have had fog lately, but the smoke seems more under control.  Still have people camping out at shelters.


Hope your area stays safe, you have had quite a time.

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@dulwich I was thinking of you this week, good to hear from you. Glad you are prepped "just in case". Be safe and take care.

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It still amazes me that with all the problems CA has, real estate prices have not come down and people still want to move there.


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@kaydee50  You're right house up the road from us just sold in 3 weeks $900,000!  

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@dulwich wrote:

@kaydee50  You're right house up the road from us just sold in 3 weeks $900,000!  


Just curious: unless one is a millionaire, how can anyone afford to live in California? 

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Depends on where in California you live. For example, in many towns and cities in central California, houses run from $300,00 and up brand new. Move these houses to the coast or just slightly inland and they'll cost at least 3-4 times as much.


I'm slightly inland. The house I bought 35 years ago for $225,000 is now worth over $1 million.