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It sounds like maybe your services are no longer valued. I would ask what is the increase in salary for working such an odd and demanding schedule? There must be a salary differential for rotating shifts, weekends, holidays, etc. What kind of work is this, if you don't mind sharing with us? Just curious.

Sounds like it's time to start looking for another job.

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On 2/1/2015 Gooday said:
On 2/1/2015 Deb1010again said:

Your boss is a coward. He/She knew the new schedule was not going to be popular and instead of communicating with you face to face which they should have done, they took the coward's way out and just issued an email. I'd start looking for a new job.

Yep! It seems that no one wants face-to-face time or knows how to pick up a telephone.

Shameful and not much of a supervisor IMO.

Yep...the boss is a BIG coward.


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What I would think is that things are changing.Worked a job for 25 years that were eight hour shifts some were at night somewhere during a day and some were the graveyard shift. Then along comes Judge Green and the next thing I know my hours were the same but by days of the week that I work for different. Went to what they call 7 day coverage. With this type of a work schedule some weeks I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, the next week I might have Monday and Tuesday off and so on and so forth. Back then they didn't have email but they didn't give us much of a choice about what we wanted to do. Needless to say there were a lot of unhappy employees!
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On 2/1/2015 lynnzzz said: Thanks for the replies! This email drastically changes 13 lives and we won't have a meeting about it until feb 9th and not even with the director who penned the email! Guess it's time for a new position!
I wouldn't jump into an assumption I need a new job based on one email.