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I have good news!

My dad's house officially went on the market 3/25/15, and as of YESTERDAY, we had TWO offers on the house! Both were from real estate developers. One guy was offering below asking price (97,500), and the other guy offered 5k more than the asking price! (125,000).

So, guess which one we took?

Yesterday, dad and went down and signed papers, so now the house is in escrow.

I am learning so much. In the past, when my parents bought a house, I was just a kid, and didn't pay attention to the steps of home buying and selling.

So, now comes the "fun" part. Packing. Ugh!

Anybody wanna help? *lol*

Interestingly enough, on Wednesday morning, I went over and put a blessing on the house. I burnt sage in every room, I used Holy Water, and even buried a little statue of St. Joseph.

So, my guess is the developer will either (A) renovate the house, and rent it out, or sell it. Or, (B) tear the whole house down, and rebuild a whole new house there to rent/sell.

It'll be interesting to see what the place will look like in a year.

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Congrats~and thank you St. Joseph!!

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Congratulations! My Dad closed on his house today. He was "homeless" for about an hour. My nephew and his wife, they're 24, bought his house. My sister & BIL bought a brand new house and closed today. He will be moving in with them. They went in 1/3 each. I drove to Texas this past week and helped pack, get rid of & donate. Brought back a few things, the sterling silver, some fancy mahogany occasional tables I wanted and a few other sentimental items. I'm very happy for all of them and I think this will work well. New BIG house with two living areas.

I ordered the nephew & wife a USA & Texas flag and two flag poles and brackets for their housewarming. And Amazon delivered them in right about 24 hours. LOVE Amazon Prime! Wasn't sure so asked her and she said nephew had just said last week he wanted some flags! Smiley Happy

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I have never cleansed a house before, so I kind of made it up as I went along.

I had a old abalone shell, and some dried sage. I lit the sage, and got it to smoke, and went around the edge of every door and window, saying that if there was any vegetative energy, to now depart and go towards the light. I also made a sign of the cross with the sage.

I next took some Holy Water, and made a sign of the cross on every door and window, then sprinkled some in every room.

Lastly, I buried St. Joseph by the "For Sale" sign.