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We've all read about Charles moving some of his family around like chess pieces. 


This seems so strange to me. Shouldn't members of the royal family be able to stay where they have lived for a long time? 



And whatever anyone thinks of Meghan and Harry, Queen Elizabeth gave them Frogmore as a wedding present. I think before everything happened they did intend to stay there some. Why else would they have spent that much on renovations?



So they were just "renting"? Why did the palace spokesperson not tell us that from the beginning? 



Andrew lived in his home for 20 years. And now he has to move? The press is making it seem like it wasn't his choice. But maybe he did discuss it with Charles and is OK with the change.




 I'm just surprised they do things this way. I never heard about Queen Elizabeth deciding who would live where.




If I married into the royal family the first thing I would do is convince my husband to buy our own house!  LOL!



What do you think?  Smiley Wink

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Re: Musical Palaces in England

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 @beach-mom Frogmore, along with most of the other RF properties, is owned by the Royal Family Trust and was loaned to H&M after their wedding.  King Charles seems to be consolidating the properties among the working royals and immediate family who live full-time in England.
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Re: Musical Palaces in England

They have been living with their relatives for centuries.     That would make me CRAZY........

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Re: Musical Palaces in England


So they were just "renting"? Why did the palace spokesperson not tell us that from the beginning? 





I'm not sure Charles knows what he's doing, but maybe he thinks just moving people around makes him look busy and decisive.   


The coronation isn't really even necessary since he's already king, but that's probably all he has on his mind.


He has no idea what to do with Andrew ... and Harry has left the building.   Well, wait a minute .... if Charles needs someone to wave and smile at the crowds, Andrew is available.  Woman LOL


Honestly, now that Harry has shown it can be done, he won't be the last royal to leave the firm.  Others will also leave over time.   


While observers think it's such a magical life, like many things, I doubt it all it's cracked up to me.  The underhandedness amongst family members wasn't all that surprising.


JMO, of course.