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I just mentioned old Rick James music in another post, and it got me to thinking about the type of music I lean towards to fit what I am needing at the moment. 


For example......when I want to be overwhelmed with emotion, nothing quite does it for me like "Annie's Song" by John Denver. In fact a lot of his music is incredibly moving for me. 


Rick James can usually get me dancing, and it's such not a pretty sight lol.....but it works.....


Spin Doctors (particularly Two Princes) will get me in a pop/bubbly mood in no time.


Anyway, I'm thinking about redoing some of my playlists and gearing them towards "mood" instead of just random. 


Does anyone else do that?



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@SunSprite "She's a super freak, she's supe freaky" Love that video!

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I did it for decades when I was running my many Road Races. About 90% of my training was done on my own Treadmill. I had different days for different types of training.


On fast interval running I played all my favorite upbeat music artists songs. I edited my own SVHS Full Stereo Tapes on which I had different artists playing many of their music hits I liked best. Had over 100 hours of different genres of music to suit my training days.


Preparing for races using Mental Imagery, I used mostly Southern Gospel slow music to get myself mentally in tune with seeing the race, as I ran it mentally, a day prior to the race day.


I had an 8 speaker 2 subwoofer surround sound system that filled my whole gym with the music that matched my type of training, and my Mental Imagery sessions preparing for those races.


I still do it similarly now during my fitness training. Not for competing in age group racing, but to make my long sessions even more enjoyable than they naturally already are for me.


Still love my Southern Gospel Music!



hckynut 🏒

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Mood categories is a good idea. I enjoy Pandora. I switch it up but do have my favorites: Van Morrison, Gladys Knight, Ben Taylor (James' son), Stevie Wonder, Mumford & Sons, Adele (but those love songs can be sad), Darius Rucker, George Harrison, Jack Johnson, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Bluble, Newsboy, Jason Mraz, Jim Croce, Norah Jones, Zac Brown, Phillip Phillips..... artists I've listened to over the summer.     

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I have always listened to music according to my mood.  I love jazz and blues and that covers so many greats!  However, I love most music and often turn to the music of my youth to bring me back to carefree times having fun and being with so many friends.  I like listening to a jazz station while driving, it relaxes.  I have to be careful with my blues music, that could easily make me blue too.  However, listening to all music is an emotional experience for me, all different emotions and they fit my moods.

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I've been belting out Love Letters a la Ketty Lester all night!


You know how you have a song in your head and you just can't shake it?

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I love a lot of different types of music but right now the 60's and 70's music helps relax me. Especially with everything going on.

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Re: Music for mood

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If you are doing heavy housework nothing gets you moving like some Led Zeppelin---🎵


For just "groovin" I like some Four Tops, Supremes, Beatles, and British New Wave 80's.......🎵


For relaxing Michael Buble, and I like the Music Choice Channel Singers & Swing (old standards ) my mom used to play this music all the time on the old record player.....brings back nice memories....🎵

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

@SunSprite "She's a super freak, she's supe freaky" Love that video!


Me, too. 

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When I'm not in the mood to clean, I put on Parliament. Gets me going every time. George Clinton and P Funk too. Atomic Daaaaaaaaaaawg.

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