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Re: Multiple Myeloma

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@Mocha1717 @dubll2011 @newberry@4Kicks, @bagaholic,


been so long since i posted or signed in, i can't figure how to have the '@' for each one's name that i want !!! uurrgghhh...


i still read the board several times a week, and so have seen all your posts.


**linda- so great that you are responding to treatments. having that port would scare me, but it is a blessing too.

poor dame gave herself to everyone else in her family for years, and idk how much she had left  to take care of herself, and  yes she had an older home and property too i think, and that can turn into a burden. 


**mocha- so good to see you- so sorry about the awful things going on. even tho they are grown, sometimes our kids 'life events' can be so worrisome and draining. 


**newberry- that thyroid stuff can be quite complex, sometimes a layered problem, like 'hashimotos'. most drs tend to do minimal testing, such as only tsh- but that isn't enough info.

once over the course of a year, i had 'thyroiditis' when my thyroid quit. i was hyper, normal, then hypo- complete with all the symptoms of each. we waited to see if the thyroid would begin to function again and it did, so i never took any meds.

but i have to push to get a tsh, and the free t3/t4 tests to get a better picture of what's going on.  depending on what week i had my blood drawn back then, the results were hyper or hypo for the tsh, so we had to see the other numbers too. and that's what i want to see now! 


** 4kicks- last time here your dh was undergoing testing- hope they have figured it out [correctly] and he is doing ok.  


as for me-

currently my 90+ year old mom is in heart failure, and tho dr tries to convince her ''this is it now'',  she is not buying it. so that makes for a scenario as we try to get her to do certain things to 'prepare' or to assist her with walking, etc...but she 'doesn't need to - yet'....

you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him take a pill!


** i now have 3 little grandkids, the new baby being the first GIRL born into the family in over 40 years! i was compelled to buy her an animal print jumpsuit thingy, which will fit her as she begins toddlin around and can show it off.

never  dressed us at all that way, but now i am buying sparkly tees!

[tasteful, educational, like a sparkly solar system].

sparkle spell seems to have overtaken me.

i can only see the kids a couple times a year, they get sick so often and my immune system being sub par. 


otherwise same old same old in no man's land in nj.

i see now my ornamental plum tree has a disease, will not bloom or leaf, and has to be removed- we planted it 17 years ago right outside this window and it was so lovely- there will be no shade there now for many years, but will definitely plant another tree right away. may have to be only a certain kind tho, my tree guy will tell me, some diseases are contagious to the new tree.


my trees are my favorite plants, especially the blooming ones- well, and the evergreens too.  did you know if you cut some branches of blooming dog wood tree, they will last in water in the house for some days?

hope to do that soon, my 'stella pink' seems ok anyway. too much going on for me to even get more than a glimpse of my blooming trees this year as i pass by...


** well i do hope you ladies are all doing ok-

i will see it if you post. HeartHeartHeart

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Hey Mocha, just saw your message. I’m having 

trouble with posting tonight so I’ll try tomorrow. Just know that I am still here!

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I love you guys and I have TP I am willing to share.  HA! HA!

Hope this finds all of you well.

I miss you.

Love, Mocha