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Re: Mount St. Helens in WA State

@Pearlee wrote:

@SuhseK   My father was stationed in Spokane for a while before he was sent overseas to serve in WWII.  He had just married my mother (they got married when they did because he was going overseas for WWII) and both my parents have always spoken well of Spokane and having enjoyed their time in the state of WA.  


As for I'd be "lucky" to move to WA, well since you don't know where I live now and since you don't know how well I like living where I do.... I'm not so sure about that remark.  But I'm happy for you that you love living there.


I was teasing. We all have different ideas of where we’d like to live. 


I have  some friends that moved  to New Orleans. I’d love to visit them, and see the city, but live there with the heat , humidity and Bugs 🦟🐜🕷I don’t think I could do it!


They probably won’t stay there long term, but they really enjoy it!