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I am always hesitant to start a religious thread because many seem to resent them but just felt compelled to share how I feel about the ministry of this great woman of God.

Even though I am not of the Catholic faith, I just can't tell you what Mother Angelica has meant in my life. As I was watching her this morning on one of her talks (done in 1989) I thought to myself, how can this nun be so wise? It sounded like she was talking about situations and conditions we are seeing in 2011!!! plus she understands human nature!

No matter what your beliefs, please try to view Mother's programs on EWTA, you will be glad you did You will never be put down, no matter your faith; her walk with God/Jesus is real; she really knows her Bible and presents it in such a loving way.I feel I have been in the presence of a real woman of God..Thank you for letting me share.