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Great a tragedy as this is, I'm so glad nothing happened to Morgan; the title scared me.  I love Morgan Freeman!  One of the greatest living actors!

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Re: Morgan Freeman Tragedy

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What a sad loss for Morgan Freeman... and such a horrible way to die. Why don't these maniacs just mutilate/kill themselves and make the world a better place.

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I thought she was Morgan's step-grand-daughter?  Well, I could be wrong.  And I agree with another poster - he has a nice voice.

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This happened in Washington Heights, my daughter lived in that neighborhood for 4 years, she moved to TX exactly a year ago. 


Since Deblasio came in the city is not as safe



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So sad for Morgan Freeman, a wonderful actor, absolutely one of my all time favorites.  Such an awful thing.  


May they all find Peace.

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I love Morgan Freeman.  I'm terribly sad for him and his family.  :'(

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Very sad.  RIP.   All of us have to make sure we are safe, keeping alert at all times.  It's just the way life is in this day and age. 

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I read that she was not a blood relative of Morgan, but rather the granddaughter of a wife he divorced many years ago.  The relationship he had with her was helping her get into acting.

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I read it was his goddaughter.