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Yes, many. My mother is an amazing cook. She even use to make wedding cakes for people. The two things I think of that I miss are cream candy and beef stew. 

I try to make her beef stew and it is good, but not as good as hers. The cream candy, I just found the recipe for recently and haven't tried it yet. 

I'm still blessed to have my mom, I'm just cooking for her now more than she cooks for me. Leaving it on the porch. 

I miss the good old days.


I also miss my grandmas biscuits. I didn't get the recipe from her before she passed and I wish I would have. 

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I grew up in a household where my father did all the cooking & baking.  It was very rare that my mother "cooked."  Sometimes she would "prep" what my father wanted to cook like chicken & dumplings (from scratch).


My favorite father's home cooking was his salmon patties & meatballs.  I know my father used 3-4 different meats in his meatballs.  He never devulged which meats to me.  My mother did not know either.

I have his salmon patty recipe but it does not taste the same. My brothers (who do all the cooking in their households) always tease me that the secret incrediant is spit.

Horse steaks smothered in garlic butter. 


My mother always cooked my favorite dinner on my birthday which I could never duplicate because she never measured.  A little bit of this, a lot of that, never pinch.

Smothered fried chicken - I do not know how to make gravy from scratch.  She always used the left over flour from the chicken to make the gravy.

Collards w/fat back - cooked in an anciant pressure cooker which I am scared of.

Potato salad w/devil eggs - which my mother was known for down south & in Philly.  I could never duplicate.

Topped of w/bread pudding - I don't know how to make.





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I cook like my mom and I make up my own recipes for things she never made. My siblings often say I am spot on perfect.  We owned a resturant and my mother was the cook..not formally trained, but she was hard to beat.


Two things, she made that I can't quite get right.  One is her potato salad and the other is her meat balls.


Once in a blue moon, my meat balls are just as good, but my potato salad is not even close.


She didn't use written recipes, so I have to guesstimate.

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I agree with @sunshine45 in thinking I am a better cook than my mom.


My mother was the baby of the family, with an age difference of 10-12 years between her and her siblings.   They were out of the house by the time Mom finished junior high, and since my Papaw worked away all week, Mamaw was done with cleaning, cooking, and anything domestic.   Mom married my dad barely knowing how to boil water.   My farm grandma and aunt taught Mom more about cooking than she ever learned from her mother.   

Mom made one dessert that my brothers and I mention often; cherry jello with sliced bananas, fruit cocktail, and pieces of toasted marshmallows.   We still love jello desserts to this day.  

I stopped eating at my mothers house 20+ years ago, long before my dad passed, and she was still overcooking the meat.   

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My mom was a great Southern cook....never with a recipe to follow.  As others have said it was always a pinch of this, a tad of that and something else.  She could cook anything and it was always delicious.  Her cinammon rolls, biscuits, and pineapple upside cake were divine.  I did not take any of her culinary skills when I married years ago.  DH thought he had died and gone to heaven when he was invited to dinner at my house while we dated.  His DM was not a cook but loved to cook LOL.

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My mom made really good pies  and nothing like the aroma of homemade donuts when we came in the house from school!  Miss here everyday!

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My mom was a very good cook but she HATED doing it and it wasn't the healthiest either (a lot of gravies for example).  She's 85 now and rarely cooks for herself except for chili, sloppy joes and a few other items.  I'll make a pot of something or a casserole and give her some.

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@Anonymous032819 - My Mom made a roast breast of veal with a potato stuffing that was delicious.  While she was living with us due to blindness, I tried to make it with her instructions and it was not the same.  I miss her and that dish along with many others that she made.  At least I have the memories!

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My mom always had a healthy, but tasty meal on the table for us when I was growing up.  There were only a few dishes that I wasn't wild about in the rotation.


She still cooks good for my dad and her although they eat their main meal at noon time, when she cooks for company it's still at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, never at dinner time.  We got used to it.