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~ Molly's very sensitive tummy ~

Hi all .... well, I've learned a very messy lesson. My Molly (puppy mill Cavalier with a totally non-functioning pancreas - takes medicine with every meal) has a very sensitive stomach. I've been feeding her Blue Buffalo for awhile now with no problems. The other day one of the workers at the Humane Society (I volunteer) told me that Blue Buffalo caused renal problems. I questioned this, but of course it planted a seed in my mind. He told me what he uses - something he gets at a small privately own pet store in town called California Balance - it's herring and sweet potato. He claimed his dog has not ever been so healthy before. So, dumb me, I went and got a small bag. For about 3 days I mixed it half and half with the Blue Buffalo, and then last night I gave her the California Balance only. She ate it fine. When we were on the sofa last night snuggling I noticed she was doing that licking motion with her tongue which seems to indicate she's nauseated. I went to bed and she was in her crate. She whined a few times during the night, which was odd for her ..... I got up this morning and she had thrown up 2x this foul smelling stuff, and I took her out and she had diahrea (spelling?). I cleaned up the mess outside, and then worked like crazy on the vomit. It was all over the rug, right outside the cage, and down the bars of the cage. I really had to work to get it off - even used pine oil to get the smell out, and then wipe it with water. Scrubbed the rug and took all her bedding out and washed it.

Then I gave her what my Vet. suggested last time she had a stomach problem - I gave her about 2T of a mixture of yogurt and rice. That stayed down and she's sleeping very soundly right now. I'll probably give her a little of the same at noon time, and then add a little Blue Buffalo at dinner and go from there.

Sorry this is so long .... I just had to share this with you all. Thanks for listening.