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I guess I won't be able to sleep until I post about our beloved pooch. Last night my husband, GD and I had to catch a barn cat (ferral cats that we feed and water)that had been mauled by something. They live in the barn down back but won't let humans near them.We tried to keep him warm and comfortable until hubby and GD took him to the vet. There was so much damage that he was immediately taken out to the private area to be put out of his misery. When we all arrived home(I had to take my brother to his onocologist appt.) we found that our 14 yr.s old "baby" had died in his sleep! My GD is 13 and Josh (Joshua) has been here her entire life so she took it very hard. I know he's at the Rainbow Bridge with all our other cherished furbabies and so is the poor kitty but right now I just have a heavy heart and the house is too quiet. Would you please say a prayer that this pain will ease quickly for the three of us? Thank you so much. Blessings~{#emotions_dlg.wub}