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I'll watch if I can.  Enjoy the lovely dresses.    I also enjoy watchig 'Cleopatra' which is on presently. 


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Wow -- Backstreet Boys still got it.












Top 3


Hawaii (she's gonna win)



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The current Miss USA is so beautiful and seems so down to earth. I remember her being in the middle of the Miss Columbia stuff, lol. 

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What Channel is it on?    THANK YOU!----tedEbear

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Oh wow --- I was wrong.  D.C. won.

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Hawaii was stunning and well spoken.  I felt she should have won.

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Mellie32 wrote:

Oh wow --- I was wrong.  D.C. won.




LOL, probably because it is an election year. Smiley Wink

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Re: Miss USA on tonight!

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

I would prefer doing a colonoscopy prep than sit through that show. 


Seriously. Let it Go, Let it Go, already.

(This inane show, that is.)

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@colliegirls wrote:

Hawaii was stunning and well spoken.  I felt she should have won.


I was rooting for Hawaii too, but if she couldn't win I'm glad DC did.  I'm just glad California didn't make top three.  I was surprised she made it to top five.  I didn't see anything special about her other than her father happened to be Mr. Rico Suave.

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I won't watch the show, but look forward to read what TLo (Tom and Lorenzo) will have to say about it tomorrow.  

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