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A bunch ran through the yard being chased by Buckley and Jack.  Tracy was laying in the yard and paid them no attention.  Went out on the deck and fed her almost a whole bag of carrots and filled both tubs with fresh water. 






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Pretty Sweet Tracy with a tummy full of carrots 🥕🥰

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Absolutely divine!

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Awww the well mannered Tracy gets carrots as her special reward....🦌 🥕

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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I guess they are after her for  expanding the family?

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Thank you for sharing @MamaWick . There are days in which simply seeing a picture of nature/animals can make people feel happiness! 

I am always mesmerized by the grace and agility of a deer! 

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Thank you for sharing with us.

So beautiful.

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Good to see Miss Tracy!  Thank you MamaWick!

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Good for Tracy and she was well rewarded with fresh water and a peaceful  day at the Wick's!!!!  Sounds like Tracy hit the jackpot!

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Beautiful Miss Tracy  ..... I wish I could be there close to them 🥰❤️