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Mint Automatic floor cleaner -V31296

Hello ladies so I just purchased V31296 with ummmm let me see (me--tapping my head with index finger)? I already own 2 Roomba's. They are for carpeting (which is primarily in my house). I purchased this because I thought one of my daughters would like it. They both have large areas that are wood floors. (My poor knees will attest to that!) One has the entire downstairs floor done in Pergo (a huge area). The other daughter has living room, etc. done in real wood. She worries about damage to the wood. Do you ladies know anything about this product. They say it is different from the Roomba. I don't own the Roomba for cleaning floors because I don't have enough uncarpeted floors. I decided to purchase it because it says it "Maps out the Area", whereas the Roomba just goes and goes and I have to put down the blockers to keep it from going into other areas. Right now I have two Roombas and have no idea where they are! What do you ladies think? Let me add that both daughters had cleaning ladies but they both let them go because they weren't cleaning well enough.