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He needs to spit out his gum...hate gum chewing in public, esp at a black tie event!
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I agree--yuck!

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I noticed right from the start...looks terrible...

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Nicotine gum perhaps?

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I've noticed notable people at several formal events that were chewing gum. Must have been an earlier awards show. It's unbelievable for an adult at a such affair to be chewing gum. It was a woman I saw but I can't remember who.
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Probably nerves or maybe he is a smoker and trying to quit. Either way I'd cut him some slack.
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I don't see the big issue with gum chewing. I often have a piece of gum in my mouth because I get a dry mouth and it helps with a dry cough I often have:/

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That was something, wasn't it?!

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I have to confess I hate gum chewing. It doesn't really bug me, if people are discreet, but smacking, snapping, chomping, or having such a big wad in your mouth, then talking on the phone, classy!
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It makes my jaw hurt.