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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

I don't know. There is something very "Down Under" about looking at grinning-reindeer sno-globes on the t.v. while applying suntan lotion pool-side under a blazing sun in 100-degree heat.


Personally, it makes me want to put a shrimp on the barby. Smiley LOL as I await Santa-in-Bermuda-Shorts' arrival.

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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

ITA....really beautiful and detailed....I'd buy them for sure...
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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

@faeriemoon wrote:

There are no words to describe how stupid I think this all-day event is.


Carry talking

I'm with ya.

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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

But... I like it.




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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

@Sooner wrote:

Good grief.  It is ONE day out of the shopping channel world--and a lot of people love it.  Don't knock it.  Lots of us dislike the stuff YOU love probably!

If it was only one day, it would be fine. Some of us cringe because we know it is only the beginning of many frequent Christmas shows from now, in the heat of the summer, until Dec 25th.  It is such an extreme commercialization of the holiday.

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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

I just posted on the other thread. I like the Christmas shows, but I had my grand kids today and they come first so I did not watch.


However, I checked online tonight, and its the same ole same ole, except for some new Valerie items and sorry but everything is over priced as is with most of QVCs items lately.


Add in I dont need any more decorations, cooking items, would never spend what they charge for foods, and my grand kids are older now so no more toys.


I will be saving money again this year.


So that is my take, but if you shop, enjoy!

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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

@faeriemoon wrote:

@sfnative wrote:

@faeriemoon wrote:

@Tinkrbl44 wrote:

When my Dad was alive, he and my stepmother used to LOVE this ....... apparently the easy pays allow seniors on a budget to get a head start on Christmas shopping with easy pay so regular holiday shopping was less "painful".  


I don't mean this as an insult, and it obviously doesn't apply to all, but I think the grandparents and the shut-ins (I know that word is not PC, but I don't mean it to be negative) are the target audience today.

Think "fixed income."  What Tinkrbl44 wrote is nicely put. 


And, I don't think  "grandparents" are/were the sole target audience.  You may not celebrate Christmas, but for those of us who do and plan gift giving, Oct, Nov and Dec can be pretty wicked.  What you don't want to do is charge everything during those months on credit cards, carrying that debt into the new year.  Purchasing mid-year on easy-pay makes sense for a lot of folks.


You seem to have a lot of angst about this.  Maybe less time allowing the Q to be a part of your life and turn to reading a great book or taking a walk would be a better alternative.

Who said I don't celebrate Christmas?


And why are you being obnoxious?  The "read a book", "take a walk" line is getting old; you need some imagination and some new material.  Perhaps you should take your own advice.

I said you MAY not celebrate Christmas.  Big difference.  And, I'm not being obnoxious.  My attempt to add definition to the logic of purchasing in July via easy pay was clearly wasted time.


Oh, and I'm a voracious reader, take long walks (when my dropped met head allows) and rarely, rarely watch the Q.  I took my own advice eons ago. 

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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

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Unfortunately, for the last 3-4 years the products offered during the Xmas shows (July and otherwise) are exactly the same items. Only a very small percentage of items are new. So that makes watching tiresome just for the repetition.

But as far as those who buy - unless one has literally no discretionary spending budget and can pay cash for all their holiday gifts, many, many people who have never heard of QVC buy holiday gifts throughout the year and/or start in September so their purchases, whether they make one payment or credit,are spread out over time.

I work full time. I have a job that pays well. But the everyday cost of food, shelter, etc. where I live is horrendous and no one's salary keeps up with inflation here. So one doesn't have to be retired and on a fixed income to shop early.
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Re: Merry Christmas!! NOT!!!

And here we are, almost in August, and another Christmas shopping day. I have enjoyed the other shopping channels lately, with Serious skin care and Suzanne Somers.  Different strokes.