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I remember how the scent of chocolate filled the house on Saturday afternoons when she made the cake from the recipe on the Hershey's cocoa box.  Then how she made a little extra frosting so we all could lick the beaters & the bowl.


I remember how she used to buy birthday & Christmas gifts months early (for budgeting reasons), then sometimes forget where she hid them.


I remember how she taught me my ABCs while she cooked dinner.  Also learned about the big hand & the little hand of the clock.


I remember going to the library & coming home with stacks of books on Saturdays.  Instead of napping, we had a quiet time to read in our bedrooms.  That alone gave me a lifetime love of books & reading.


I have too many memories over the sixty years I had her to cite here.  Now gone eight years, she often pops into my mind when something triggers a memory.  I still catch myself thinking I have to tell her about something I see on tv, etc.  

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My mother... a troubled soul who instilled in me the will to always be a survivor. She uttered many wise words that stay with me to this day💙💜

~Have a Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit~
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My Mom died rather suddenly after an accident. Fortunately she was able to come home from the hospital.  She died in my Dad's arms with me holding her hand.

I loved her so much and hope I was a good daughter.  Her family was her life.

I think of her several times every day and will miss her to the end of my days.

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@Sunshine wrote:

Unfortunately, not everyone's mom loves their children the way they should. Mine was physically and verbally abusive. Mother's Day is just another day for me.

Sad, but true. My mother was vicious towards me, also. My dad used to tell me to just "forget all that." They are both long gone. I have no fond memories of my childhood at all.

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It seems like this time of year we have a thread like this. All of the posts were so very touching, I enjoyed them all. Just want to thank the ladies that shared and wish you peace on this Mother's Day.

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My Mom actually died on Mother's Day 22 years ago so for me it's a sad day , but of course for my children it's a celebration. The memories I have of my Mom is that she never said anything unkind about anyone and she baked fabulous cakes.

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My mom passed away a few years ago but I have so many great memories with her. As a child laying outside on a blanket looking at the clouds and on that same blanket making doll clothes. As a teenager excited about the clothes she made us from shorts, tops to dresses. The holidays were always so much fun and after I got married my husband worked Saturday's so I was blessed to have breakfast with her every Saturday from my late 20's until she passed away at age 74. How I miss. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. 

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Re: Memories of your Mother

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 My mom will be working tomorrow, as she works full time and is a baby boomer. (the other thread).Heart


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A mother and her daughter.  My mother married when she was 30 yrs old. She was truly ready to have a baby. A year went by and finally she was pregnant. When she was about 3 months pregnant she had to have a goiter removed from her throat as soon as possible. The Dr. Said she would lose the baby but could of course have another. She left the office crying and went to church and prayed to God to keep her baby. SHe had the surgery and I was born 8 lbs 12 ounces. My mother was a very special lady. She loved being a mother. I have one wonderful brother. We have so many great memories oh her. She was 99yrs old when she died. She lived life to the fullest and made us laugh!

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@deepwaterdotter wrote:

Her best advice to me was "You make your own happiness."

@deepwaterdotter , I love that!  I'm going to write it down and use it to help myself and others.  Thank you!  Smiley Happy