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She is one of my favorite hosts.  She is very funny and a good host.  She gave a shout out to Susan Graver and Kim Gravel.  She loves them.  She said she ordered 6 more tops today.   I thought it was nice of her, on her facebook I guess people were asking her about what she is wearing tonight.Smiley Happy

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I have noticed Melissa in a lot of QVC brands of clothing including Kim Gravel, Isaac and Tolani.  

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Is she blonde?  She mentioned one day she had on a Kim Gravel top and I happen to own that one.  Nice she is supporting companies in her TV shopping industry.

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I love Melissa, she's so genuine.


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She is very professional and yet very personable as well. She is a great addition ot JTV, Very easy on the eyes too, always perfectly groomed. 

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LOVE MELISSA - she is terrific, I have to admit, though I don't purchase much from them (due to MONEY $HORTAGE!)  I enjoy watching and learning about gemstones. 


The hosts are entertaining and humorous.  Oddly, not one of them bugs me, and I'm easily bugged....I'm THAT girl, a typical pain in the behind you might say!!!

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