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Are the children supposed to wear masks in public? If so, why do they not have one to wear to school? The parents are to provide clothing for the children, and a mask as well.

Church groups, residents in senior independent living facilites might be willing to sew masks for the children. Perhaps a fabric/craft store would be willing to donate the fabric? 

Each child should have 3. One to wear, one to wash, and a spare. I know teachers supply a lot, but this is as important as any clothing item. There is more to being a parent than giving birth. It is a responsibility.

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Parents who don't wear masks themselves aren't about to lift a finger to help their children wear them.

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@Porcelain wrote:

Parents who don't wear masks themselves aren't about to lift a finger to help their children wear them.



They will also be the first ones to sue the school districts if their children die. Schools cannot win with this one.

The joker is wild.

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@HappyCat The school district where I taught are not requiring masks for children Pre k through 3 Rd. Masks are only required for 4 the and 5 th grade in elementary schools. If a child doesn't come to school with a mask, the teacher provides one. I am pretty sure this comes out of the teacher's pocket. P T A may bought masks for some of the schools. In Lubbock, school has been in session since August 17. There have already been people test positive for Covid19 at four schools. It's announced on the local news at night. Teachers are required to wear masks unless they are giving direct instruction. I have been substitute teaching for the past two years. I am waiting to see how everything plays out before I go back. I may not return this year. Most parents opted to sent their children to school. There was a small percentage that are doing virtual learning. I think a few teachers from each school are doing the instruction for virtual learning. I hope all goes well for your daughter in law this school year. I am grateful that I am retired. I was subbing for extra income.

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@texassunflower, I'm glad you don't have to go back. I hate than anyone is having to.